What is Joinsquad_JS?


A small, independent and inofficial Javascript based project, that will change certain functions of the legacy official joinsquad.com forum.


The script snippets are dependant on a browser add-on called Greasemonkey, Tampermonkey or Violentmonkey (depending on your browser) - choose the according one below.


After installing your add-on, you will be able to install the scripts that will actually run on the forum site, adding functions, removing stuff or simply looking cool.




I'd be happy to see people participating in the project, adding in their own ideas and code for everyone's enjoyment.


To do that, just go to the github project page.

Postfix Script


Currently the only function is to remove the "Where did you hear about squad" entry next to your posts.

Firefox featured




Opera featured




Chrome featured




Activitystream Autoupdate


This script will always keep you informed when a new activitystream item pops up, it will automatically show it in the activitystream and notify you by playing a little "pop" sound.


It also adds auto-update functionality to all non-default activity streams.


Including a little settings GUI.






Thanks goes to:

  • FokkeHassel for his awesome Screenshot, all credit for the picture goes to him.
  • Browser logos, they were taken from this project.
  • Github.com for giving me the possibility of hosting a website and project for free, and helping open-source software in general, you guys do a great job!